Intake Methods

SMOKING (Flower/Concentrates)

Offering the most immediate relief, smoking also dissipates quickly. Smoking is typically also the least efficient form of medicating while also having the much sought after entourage effect.

TOPICALS (Lotions/Balms)

Designed to penetrate deep tissue for local pain relief on both muscles and joints.  Different than transdermals, they are not designed to allow THC/CBD to enter your system via the bloodstream.

 EDIBLES      (Food/Drinks)

Coming in all varieties, they generally take 30-60min to take effect.  However, low doses are recommended as it is a potent form of cannabis and can last for several hours. 5mg is a good starting point.

VAPING (Flower/Concentrates)

Widely considered the cleanest form of smoking. Vaping does not combust (set afire) the cannabis. Instead, vapes cook the flower/concentrate until it vapororizes just before it's combusting point.

TRANSDERMALS      (Patches/Gel Pens)

Transdermals are used to deliver medication directly through the bloodstream through the skin.  Effects tend to last several hours depending on symptoms/dosage. Available in:  THC/CBD/THCa/CBN/1:1