Generally the smallest reusable way to smoke flower. Similar to tobacco pipes, yet made of either glass or wood. Easy to transport and clean, also usually easy to break.  


Joint/Tobacco paper is used to roll the cannabis inside. Not the healthiest option when compared to vaping. Available at gas stations make them good for use in a pinch. Joint papers are also available in cone shapes with filters already attached.


Bongs are usually large glass pieces for smoking at home with. Not practical to transport, but very effective. Bongs vary in size, shape, price, and ease of cleaning.


Referred to as "inda-couch", that is exactly how most people end up using this strain unless they have a decent tolerance. Also helps with appetite. Indica plants are the smaller cannabis plant, but they also reach maturity quicker.


Most common form of smoking concentrates.  Dab rigs usually heat a quartz bucket with a torch and then concentrate is applied inside.

Honey straws are designed to have one end to inhale from and the other is heated and applied directly into concentrate to vaporize.


Disposable vapes are designed to be thrown away after emptied.  However, they do have a finite battery life, so if your battery runs out before you finish vaping your concentrate you are SOL. Various sizes/strains/flavors available.


These contain cannabis concentrate/distillate, and are sometimes refillable. Cartridges attach to rechargeable batteries.  Very discreet way of medicating, and also many varieties of strains or flavors. Some cartridges are available with high amounts of CBD.