The Terms


Like other cannabinoids, THC comes from trichomes. THC is highly psychoactive, and has both mental and physical health benefits to users. It has assisted with depression, pain, appetite, and countless other ailments and diagnoses.


Shown to assist with anxiety, inflammation, and pain.  CBD has NO psychoactive (high) effect. It helps with cell regeneration relating but not limited to cancer, CTE, TBI & PTSD.  It also does not show up on drug tests designed to test for THC.


Generally considered a "daytime" strain.  It promotes energy and focus. May cause elevated heart rates if new to cannabis. The sativa plant is the tallest cannabis plant. It has tall, thin long serrated leaves & widely spaced branches.


Referred to as "inda-couch", that is exactly how most people end up using this strain unless they have a decent tolerance. Also helps with appetite. Indica plants are the smaller cannabis plant, but they also reach maturity quicker.


A crossbreeding of indica & sativa, hybrids are most common type of cannabis in North America, Hybrids are not always 50/50 indica/sativa. Many plants are either sativa or indica dominant. Hybrids exhibit effects of both indica and sativa to varying degrees.


THCa is a very unique compound. It is essentially pure THC with a potency of sometimes 90%. It can be used as an additive for smoking/vaping, or used to make edibles as it is already activated. Has anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective properties as well


After THC has been aged and exposed to oxygen over time, it breaks down into CBN. Also, CBN has shown signs of help with sleep loss, appetite, inflammation, pain relief, and even bone cell growth!